House Restumping Services for Geelong, Colac, Ballarat, Bellarine & Surf Coast

Restumping essentially involves the process of substituting the original damaged timber stumps with new and improved stumps. Having a strong foundation is essential and key to a long-lasting renovation. House restumping in Geelong, when done at the initial stage, will help by keeping your house structurally sound and leveled. This will also ensure that any renovation that you undertake later gives accurate results.

Reasons you need house restumping in Geelong:

Many houses in Geelong are built on wooden or concrete stumps to support the structure above the ground. The stumps are vulnerable to deterioration and they crack over time. This weakens the foundation of your house. In this situation, you need to replace the old stumps with the secured ones. The process involved is called house restumping and it helps to protect your home from any type of damage or collapse. Timber stumps should be replaced with concrete stumps before you undertake any renovation or extension work.

Signs that your home needs restumping:

There are numerous signs that might indicate that your house requires restumping:

  • Creaking doors
  • Sloping or bouncing floors
  • Gaps between windows and bricks
  • Slanting balconies
  • Decay of wooden piles underneath the house
  • Doors that don’t close properly
  • Cracks in brickworks
  • Cracks in plasterworks
  • Gutters without level

If you are concerned about house restumping in Geelong, get in touch with Arkle & Co Pty Ltd. We provide reblocking and underpinning services in Geelong. With our wide experience, we have succeeded in offering service of the finest standard. With our reliable foundation repair services in Geelong, your stumps are sure to last for years to come. We also offer house restumping in Geelong.

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