Importance And Methods Of Water Management

So, what will you do if there is an open tap of water and no one is around? You might have answered to Water Management 101. Water management is controlling the usage of water along with maintaining the drainage around your property. The primary benefits of water management include reduced movement in your buildings, remover dangers of dry rot, termites as moisture can attract these devastating pests.

What Does A Drainage System Do?

Drainage systems are helpful in removing excess water from your property. This unwanted water might include rainwater, floodwater, or other kinds of runoff water. By installing a reliable drainage system, you can protect your property from water damage and structural issues.

Why Is It Important To Have A Proper Drainage System?

If the water management is poor, it can destroy your property. Water leakage can lead to multiple problems irrespective of whether it is inside or outside your property. To prevent all sorts of problems that might occur in future, it is always better to keep your drainage systems functioning at their best! Homeowners often overlook maintenance of the drainage system and because of such careless mistakes, the results drainageof a faulty drainage system can be devastating. To name a few:

  • When water leakage issues are left unattended, mildews and molds starts to develop in the basement area, and the moisture is bound to attract pesky pests.
  • The wooden items in your home will start rotting and metal articles will get corroded as well
  • Pooled water areas in the property can damage the sub-flooring and flooring.
  • Foundation cracks, overflowing gutters and mineral deposits on walls.

The Need For Plumbing Maintenance

It is important to have your plumbing system inspected for any kind of leakages before the situation worsens. You can keep your plumbing systems functioning at their optimum levels by opting for plumbing maintenance programs on a periodic basis.

Here we have few adverse effects of bad plumbing and leaking pipes:

  • Faulty plumbing will result in increasing your energy and utility bills.
  • When plumbing leaks are left unanswered for a long period of time, mold problems are bound to occur due to the stagnant water that creates an ideal environment for the molds to grow.
  • Poor water quality is another problem that occurs due to a malfunctioning plumbing system.

Check The Performance Of Your Gutter System Periodically

It is crucial to inspect your complete gutter system along with downspouts in regular intervals. Whether your gutter is clogged or gets damaged, it is always important to fix your gutter problems without causing any further delay. You might end up paying a heavy price if you ignore periodic cleaning and inspection of your gutter system. Keep your gutter system functioning at its best to avoid severe water damage in future.

Drainage Swales

Drainage Swales are also known as vegetated or grassy swales. A grassed swale is a horizontal, hollow, and an organized landscape feature that is parabolic in shape. The swale can be planted with the help of grass or can also be vegetated with flood resistant, erosion tolerant plants.

When swales are designed in a proper manner, it helps in removing surface water quickly from your property and safeguards your home from flooding during heavy rains. Swales are not only helpful in bringing down the speed of the water flow but they are also effective in reducing soil erosion and thereby enhances infiltration in the soil.

Like any other landscaped area, swales also require maintenance on a regular basis which includes mowing the grass, clearance of invasive plants, leaf litter removal and other debris that could kill the grass over a period. The grass is required to decrease the speed of the water flow, ward off erosion, and encourage drainage back into the soil.

Yard Drainage

Apart from your foundation, heavy rains will also result in huge volumes of water getting stored in sump pump discharge pipes and downspouts. This will prompt various leakage and structural problems. It is always better to redirect surface water far away from your foundation to the maximum extent possible.

Grading Problems

It is always better to extend the top of the foundation above the ground level by at least a few inches when a new building is being constructed. After some time, property holders include hard surfaces that include asphalt or concrete and increase the overall landscape area. It is quite likely that the water starts leaking out of the brickwork and from the top of the foundation wall. Similar kind of a problem can happen in case your property is in a low-lying range or if a neighboring building is slanted towards you, as in both the cases water will get stored in the nearby areas of your building.

Curtain Drains

Curtain drains are nothing but trenches filled with gravel that is used to eliminate unwanted water from your home. Where swales are not functional, curtain drains can be used to obstruct the flow of water. With the help of a curtain drain, you can get rid of both surface and ground water.


drywellInstalling a drywell is a reliable option when you are unable to safely drain away water from your property by gravity. In simple words, drywell is nothing but a hole in the ground no less than 10 ft from your building’s foundation that is filled with crushed stone or gravel. The aim of placing a drywell in your home is to gather storm overflow and allow it to gradually penetrate again into the ground.

The size and distance this is needed from the house will change according to the soil conditions and rainfall amounts. However, the measurements of a regular drywell would be 4 feet in diameter and 4 feet deep. The drywell should be lined using a heavy landscape fabric so that the clogging with silt is prevented. Fill the drywell with crushed stone, clean course gravel, and the top must be capped with the help of a landscape fabric layer and topsoil.

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