Restumping Services in Geelong

Director Graham Arkle has over 30 years experience in Restumping and Underpinning and the knowledge to restore the foundation of your home to its former glory.

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A strong foundation is essential to provide a safe and sturdy support to the structure above. Reblocking in Geelong involves the process of replacing the existing old stumps with new and improved ones. Many homes in  the Geelong area were built on wooden blocks. The idea was to build a stronger foundation by adding the blocks. However, in spite of the fact that timber blocks are resilient and durable, they have the tendency to deteriorate over time. To ensure the structural integrity of the home and to maintain the levelness of the floor, reblocking may be required.

Signs that your home requires reblocking in Geelong:

  • Creaking door
  • Sloping or bouncing floors
  • Gaps between windows and bricks
  • Slanting balconies
  • Decay of wooden piles underneath the house
  • Doors that don’t close properly
  • Cracks in brickworks
  • Cracks in plasterworks
  • Gutters without level

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If you notice uneven or slanting floors or intend to undertake a major renovation work in your home, it is necessary to begin with reblocking. This will keep your house structurally strong and will give more accurate results to any renovation that you undertake.If you are able to figure out the need of reblocking at an initial stage, only individual replacement of stumps may be required. However if ignored, the deterioration may be a major one and will require extensive reblocking. This will increase your cost too.

Are you looking out for a reliable reblocking in Geelong, Sufrcoast, Bellarine? Get in touch with Arkle & Co Pty Ltd.

We understand how crucial the task of reblocking is. It involves the entire foundation of your house and requires utmost care. With our wide experience, we assure of providing quality reblocking service at an affordable cost. We take care of every detail and with our repair service; your stumps are sure to last for years to come.

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